Master of Social Work Transfer Credit Request


Note: Carefully read all these instructions and check the steps as you do them. It is important for you to complete all the steps. Failure to follow the instructions may result in a denial or delay of your request. Requests without proper documentation will not be acted upon. Please attach additional sheets of paper for detailed explanations as needed.

Relevant general points regarding the transfer of required or elective courses would include:

  1. Transfer students must apply like everyone else and meet the same criteria.
  2. Transfer courses must come from a CSWE-accredited graduate program.
  3. The student must have earned a grade of C (72%) or higher.
  4. The coursework must have been completed within five years of admission to WSU’s MSW Program.
  5. Up to six graduate-level credits may be transferred.
  6. Transfer credit is not available for practice courses or field experience.
  7. The student must submit a transfer request form with the following documentation:
    • a letter of good standing from the previous graduate program
    • transcripts from the previous graduate program
    • a syllabus for each course requesting transfer credit
    • main project(s) or any relevant completed assignments that will provide support for your request

Master of Social Work Program Academic Waiver Request Form

Your request will be reviewed by the Department of Social Work & Gerontology Appeals & Waivers Committee. You will be notified of their decision by a letter.

W #:

Email (must be Wildcat email):
Due to a federal privacy act that protects students' educational records (FERPA), I am only able to conduct
official Weber State University business through your WSU email account (Wildcat Mail) or in person with
a photo ID. Please send your message through your Wildcat Email, which you can access by logging into
your student portal on WSU's homepage
Grounds for your Request:
Please write a clear statement of your request in the space below. Waiver requests not correctly filled out will be returned without action. Example: I am requesting a waiver of the SW1010 prerequisite before taking SW3200 because (give details).
Attach a copy of your transcript.
This does not have to be an official transcript,
but should contain the information needed for your request.
Attach any additional supporting document.
Submit your request