Application Instructions

Applications to the Weber State University Master of Social Work (MSW) Program are completed online through the university’s admissions office. The MSW application and related instructions are reviewed each year and undergo changes and updates, so you should not begin the process or submit an application prior to Aug. 1. Applications for the traditional two-year and advanced standing (only available to those who have earned a Bachelor's degree in Social Work within the last 5 years) programs for fall 2025 will open Aug. 1, 2024. We will accept applications until November 30th, 2024. Late submissions will not be reviewed.

This process requires a $60 non-refundable application fee. Applications cannot be processed or evaluated until this fee is paid. Payment of the fee is the last step in the online application and MUST be done by 11:59 p.m. MDT/MST on the application deadline date. You must email proof of payment to Please put: "Proof of Payment" in the subject line. 

If you need accommodations in the application process, you must contact Disability Services (DS) at least three weeks prior to the date you plan to submit your application. Disability Services will work with you and members of the MSW program to make necessary accommodations. Contact Disability Services at 801-626-6413 or

NOTE:  In order to create an application account, you MUST use an e-mail address that you check regularly.

Admissions Requirements

The WSU MSW Admissions Committee reviews the application as a whole, considering information from the following sources:

  1. Official transcripts.
  2. Personal statement of purpose.
  3. Three professional recommendations. 
  4. Resume.
  5. A current headshot 
  7. There is no Test Score Requirement. You may disregard "Test Scores Pending Receipt" on your status board. 

The Admissions Committee may request an interview with an applicant. The Committee does not accept requests for interviews from applicants.

Official Transcripts

  • Official transcripts are required from ALL institutions where you have been enrolled. A transcript is required even if transfer credits show on another transcript.
  • Transcripts must be issued by a Registrar’s office. Unofficial online transcripts or student progress reports cannot be accepted.
  • The applicant must upload transcripts as part of the online application process. Do NOT mail transcripts to the WSU Admissions Office or the Social Work and Gerontology department.

Personal Statement of Purpose

  • The MSW Admissions Committee wants to assess your understanding of the social work profession, its values, and how your life experience (personal, professional, and academic) has prepared you for graduate studies and practice in social work.
  • Your personal statement of purpose should address the following:
    • Your understanding of the social work profession and its core values.
    • How you have incorporated social work values in your human service experiences and interactions with others.
    • What significant relationships and life experiences have you had in giving or receiving help that have motivated you to enter the field of social work?
    • What personal qualities equip you for the social work profession?
    • Discuss your experiences and feelings about working with populations different from your own.
    • Describe your areas of interest in social work practice, why you have this area of interest, what social problem(s) you expect to address with an MSW, and how the MSW will facilitate change in this or these areas.
    • Discuss what you expect to be doing in five years and 10 years.
    • Explain why the WSU MSW Program is a good fit for your goals.
  • This statement should be between three and four double-spaced pages in length, with one-inch margins, and 12-point Times New Roman font. Do NOT exceed four pages. Cover pages and headers are not necessary. References and citations, if any, should conform to APA writing style format.
  • NOTE: If your cumulative GPA from all institutions you have attended is below 3.0, include a one-page, double-spaced statement titled “GPA Statement” at the end of your personal statement of purpose (this does NOT count towards the 3–4 page limit of the statement of purpose). This additional statement should discuss the following:
    • What factors have contributed to your undergraduate GPA?
    • In what ways have you otherwise demonstrated a capacity for success in a graduate program and advanced professional practice (e.g., significant improvement in the final semester[s] of undergraduate study; academic, community, and/or professional leadership; success in another degree or certificate program, etc.)?
    • If you were to be admitted to the WSU MSW Program, how do you plan to address obstacles and challenges you might face so that you are able to complete your graduate program successfully?

Three Professional Recommendations

  • Recommendations are requested through the online application system. The system will send out a request to each of your references with a link for them to complete and submit a standardized reference form. Formal letters of recommendation are not required.
  • Recommendations must be from professionals (preferably licensed clinical social workers or other mental health professionals) who have supervised you in a social work-related position (paid, volunteer, or internship) and who can assess your service-related work.
  • If you are currently employed or volunteering within the field, you are strongly encouraged to request a recommendation from your current supervisor.
  • Recommendations from academic instructors are acceptable. However, it is not recommended to have professors as your only references.
  • Personal recommendations are NOT acceptable (i.e., recommendations from friends, family members, personal therapists, religious leaders, or other acquaintances). Such references will not be scored by the Admissions Committee.


  • You are encouraged to follow the resume template provided below.
  • Your resume does not need to be limited to one page, but should be no more than two pages.
  • List all work and volunteer experience with current or most recent first.
  • List the exact number of hours per month for all work and volunteer positions to receive credit for these experiences.
  • The Admissions Committee is particularly interested in paid work and volunteer activities that are related to human services and social work practice. So that Admissions Committee members may fully understand your paid and volunteer experience and accurately assess the relevance of these activities, make sure the specific job responsibilities you list include sufficient detail.
  • The resume should be 12-point Times New Roman font with one-inch margins.

Resume Template

To ensure that your work and volunteer experience is credited properly as part of your application to the WSU MSW Program, it is recommended you use the following template, taking care to list hours per month and supervisor information for all paid and volunteer work experience.

Resume template file

Application Fee

You must email proof of payment of your application fee to Please put: "Proof of Payment" in the subject line. 


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