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Studying Music at Weber State

Weber State’s music degrees strengthen your creativity, critical thinking skills and collaboration abilities through expert musical instruction and a wide variety of performance opportunities.

Music Highlights

As a Weber State music major, you can pick the program that best fits your goals and talents:

The Bachelor of Arts in Music offers rigorous musical training while allowing you to pursue other interests in and out of music. This degree is the best option for students interested in composition, recording and technology, along with those double majoring in music and another field.

The Bachelor of Music degree is a professional degree program for students who want a career in music in the 21st century. We offer emphases in both Performance and Pedagogy with a curriculum that prepares you to be a professional musician, to teach music, or both.

If you are interested in teaching in elementary or secondary education, consider the music education teaching program. You can also learn more on our music program website and learn about our award-winning music faculty.

Beyond the Classroom

If you are seeking a pedagogy emphasis in the Bachelor of Music program, you must complete an internship on campus while earning your degree.

All music majors can join Weber State performance groups, including:

  • Concert choir
  • Chamber choir
  • Opera
  • Symphony orchestra
  • Chamber orchestra
  • Wind ensemble
  • Symphonic band
  • Marching band
  • Jazz band
  • Pep band
  • Percussion ensemble
  • Chamber music

What You’ll LEARN at Weber

As a Bachelor of Arts in Music major, you complete core courses in areas such as music theory, music technology and world music, as well as 18 credits in music subjects of your choice, including courses focusing on ensemble or applied music. Your learning focuses on a particular emphasis:

  • Keyboard, vocal, or instrumental performance
  • Keyboard, stringed instrument, or vocal pedagogy

What You CAN DO After Weber

With a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree, you may pursue a wide variety of opportunities in and outside the arts, including careers in composition, recording and technology. Regardless of your degree program, you’ll be ready for a career that allows you to use your artistic, creative, critical thinking and interpersonal skills.

If you have questions, contact a WSU Career Advisor.

Faculty Perspective

The most exciting aspect of Weber State’s music major is that it offers a variety of pathways to careers, both in and outside of the music field. I love watching students expand their worlds as they explore music.

Carey Campbell

In recent years, we have had many terrific in-state piano students who were accepted to piano programs at the U of U, USU and BYU but ended up choosing to come to WSU because of the national and international reputation of our piano program. We also have had piano students who declined admission from world-renowned music programs, such as Juilliard, Eastman, Peabody, USC, Oberlin and U of Michigan, and instead came to WSU.

Yu-Jane Yang