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Studying Computer Engineering at Weber State

Weber State’s computer engineering major teaches tech-savvy students the electrical engineering and computer science principles needed for high-paying careers in computer engineering.

Computer Engineering Highlights

In Weber State’s computer engineering major, you can earn both your Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in computer engineering in a five-year program.

Beyond the Classroom

As a computer engineering major, you’ll complete an internship and senior project designed to give you valuable engineering experience for your career.

You can join Weber State’s Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers to connect with your peers, participate in engineering events, learn new technologies and take free classes.

You are also encouraged to join Weber State’s Society of Women Engineers, a student group where members connect and learn skills to succeed in engineering.

What You’ll LEARN at Weber

Computer engineering courses cover principles of computer science and electrical engineering. 

Some of the specific concepts you’ll study include:

  • Digital and electric circuits
  • Computer structures
  • Professional and technical writing

What You CAN DO After Weber

As a computer engineer, you’ll use computer hardware and software to solve challenging engineering problems. In addition, many computer engineers develop, test and evaluate hardware and software systems, along with constructing and managing computer systems.

You may combine your bachelor’s degree program with our Master of Science in Computer Engineering program to earn your masters shortly after your bachelors. If you have questions, contact a WSU Career Advisor.