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Engineering and Engineering Technology

Choose the degree that's right for you!


Biomedical Engineering

Learn to engineer solutions to problems at the intersection of engineering and the life sciences through classes in engineering, chemistry, microbiology and more.
Annual Median Salary: $78,240**


Computer Engineering*

Learn to use computer
hardware and software to
solve engineering problems
with courses in programming,
computer architecture,
electrical and digital circuits.
Annual Median Salary: $99.930**


Electrical Engineering*

Solve complex problems
dealing with electrical devices
and systems, including:
electromagnetics, embedded
systems, digital systems, and
Annual Median Salary: 


Manufacturing Systems

Manufacturing Systems
Engineering focuses on design,
decision making, operations,
project management, applied
statistics, and modern
manufacturing methods.
Annual Median Salary: $95,300**


Mechanical Engineering

Gain knowledge and skills in
engineering analysis, high-tech
software tools, computer-aided
design (CAD), finite element
analysis (FEA), materials testing
and manufacturing processes.
Annual Median Salary:


Energy Engineering

Energy Engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with energy efficiency, power generation, energy services, facility management,  sustainable energy and renewable energy. 
Annual Median Salary:


Product Design
& Development

Learn problem-solving and
hands-on skills to prepare for a
career in the drafting and design
of mechanical/manufacturing
Annual Median Salary:


Mechanical Engineering*

Learn about the design and
development of mechanical
devices and systems across a
wide spectrum of industries,
such as transportation,
aerospace, robotics, power
generation and manufacturing.
Annual Median Salary:


Manufacturing Engineering Technology:

Plastics & Composites*

Become an expert in the
plastic and composite process,
materials, tooling and part
design, along with the types of
plastics and the properties that
differentiate plastics from other
Annual Median Salary: $83,310**


Manufacturing Engineering Technology:


Gain expertise in welding,
manufacturing, design,
structural, metallurgical, quality
assurance and electrical.
Annual Median Salary:  $80,484****


Manufacturing Engineering Technology:

Production Operation & Controls*

Gain knowledge in manufacturing
processes, such as process
planning, tool and machine design,
material selection and treatment
and automation.
Annual Median Salary: $61,790**


Pre-Engineering (APE) 

Learn to design and develop
mechanical devices and
systems for a wide range
of industries, including
transportation, aerospace,
renewable energy.



Annual Median Salaries:
Annual median salaries noted are Utah-wide. Salaries vary depending on the region, workplace and skill level.
*ABET Accredited