Contract Signature Authority

WSU has a centralized system of contracting authority. State law and State Board of Regent’s policy delegate to the Trustees and the President authority to contract on behalf of WSU. Subject to these limitations, PPM 5-4d delegates contract review and approval authority to other officers of the University. No person is authorized to execute contracts on behalf of WSU unless authority to do so has been granted by this policy or by formal written authorization of the president.

These delegations are limited to specific contract types and dollar amounts. Please refer to this policy whenever you have a question about the appropriate administrator to approve a contractual relationship. If you do not have authority delegated under this policy, you are not authorized to enter into contractual relationships on behalf of WSU. Failure to follow university policies on contracts may result in an employee's loss of insurance coverage and personal liability.

Contracts for the purchase of goods and services where the price exceeds the delegated signature authority must be referred to Purchasing. Contracts related to a grant or sponsored project must be administrated through the Office Sponsored Projects.

If you have questions after referring to the relevant policy, please contact University Legal Counsel.