Research Interest

My research interest: 

  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Software Development for Particle Detectors and Sensors
  • Sustainability practices in Computer Science
  • Data Visualization using "Big Display Wall"
  • Microelectronics and Embedded Systems
  • Computational Science
  • High Energy Particle Physics


I am always looking for students interested in doing some research, if this is your case, stop by my office to talk about it.  Currently, I am working in the following two project:

Big Display Wall (Research opportunities for  undergrad students).

Display walls that show large quantities of information at a single glance have traditionally been the domain of air-traffic control centers, NASA command centers, TV/News stations, and big budget corporations. This project is in collaboration with Bellarmine University's AVCL group.


AtmoSniffer/AirScout Detector (Research opportunities for students, both undergrad and graduate).

A multi-gas, particulate matter, and ambient conditions air quality monitor system, currently in prototype development. This project is in collaboration with Dr. John Sohl (former member of the Physics Department). My team is in charge of the software package for these devices, an Android app for diagnostic and calibration, and a desktop application for data analysis and user control.





Current Professional Memberships: ACM

Previously, I was a member of the PHENIX collaboration at RHIC