Google Services for Students - Service Outage

Google has recently made changes to their licensing structure which means we are making changes to your Google account and how you use it. While we make these changes, you will be unable to access your Google Account.

Why are these changes being made?

In order for you to receive the full benefits of our Google Workspace licenses, we needed to re-create your Google account. This will enable better collaboration with fellow students and faculty, enable IT administrators to better manage and protect your account, and for us to release new paid features of Google Workspace for Education to you.

When is the service outage?

There will be a service outage the week of Spring Break starting Monday, March 4 at 12 AM and ending on Wednesday, March 6 at 12 AM. You will not be able to access email, Google Drive, or other Google services during this time.

Will the outage affect faculty and staff accounts?

Yes. There will be an approximate 30 minute window starting at 3:00 AM on March 4th where faculty and staff will not be able to access their accounts. There will be no changes made to these accounts.

What is happening to my Google account?

Effectively, you are being given a new Google account. It will retain the same email address and any alias addresses you’ve configured on your account. Take note of the following: 

Forwarding Rules - Any rules that you’ve configured to forward your email to another account will not be saved. You will need to re-create your email forwarding rules. 

Sign in w/ Google - Any service that you’ve authenticated to with your student Google account will likely not recognize you when you sign in again. 

Device and app access - Any computer or mobile device that you were using to access your Google account be pointed at your old account. In order to access your new account, you’ll need to add a new account to your device and re-authenticate.

Google Calendar Events - Any Google calendar events that were on your old account will not be transferred for you. You can export and import your calendar data into your new account.

File Shares - Google Drive files owned by students will remain in the old, archive account. Any file shares that exist on these files will remain connected to the original Google accounts. Students will need to transfer their Google Drive files to their new accounts and re-configure any share permissions that previously existed. 

File Shares from - Any Google Drive files owned by faculty or staff that are shared with students will be re-shared with student’s new accounts. The sharing permission for the old account will be removed.

How do I access the data that was in my Google account?

Your data has not been deleted and can be accessed by visiting your old account with the (Archive) - Wildcat Mail link in eWeber. You can use Google Takeout to transfer your data from your old account to your new one. You can find instructions on how to perform this transfer on this page.

Note: Your new Google account has a data quota limit of 5 GB. If you have more than 5 GB of data, or are near the 5 GB limit, you won’t be able to transfer all your data. You’ll need to pick and choose which data will be transferred to your new account. You’ll have the option of selecting what data you want to transfer in Google Takeout.

How do I access my new account?

How you access your student email has not changed. However, depending on which link you use you might be presented with a Google login window before moving on to CAS. The best way to access your account is to use

How do I access my old account?

To access your old account, there is a new tile in eWeber called (Archive) Wildcat Mail. Click this link to access your old account and find your data. 

What has changed for my old Google account?

You won’t be able to send or receive email or add new files in Google Drive. This account will remain in place for 3 years, up until Spring Semester 2027, so that students can access and transfer files.

How will this change be communicated?

  • WSU Announcements

  • Emails directly to students

  • Canvas Announcements

  • Digital Signage on Campus

  • Tuesday Tips

  • An email in the student mailbox after the outage

What other changes should I know about regarding my Google account?

This past year, Weber IT has implemented data quota rules and changes to lifetime email that affect your account. To find more information regarding these changes, please visit the Student Email FAQ page.


If you have any problems or need help, contact the IT Service Desk.