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FYE Honors

Are you academically adventurous and intellectually curious? Do you thrive in unconventional and supportive learning environments? Honors FYE is a collaborative offering with the Honors Program, a home for inquisitive students of any discipline, regardless of previous academic performance. This course fosters critical, creative, and interdisciplinary thinking in discussion-led classes where students take leadership over their own learning. Come join a community of scholars and explore your full intellectual, academic, and cultural potential.

Register for FYE Honors for the fall 2024 semester!


FYE 1105: Foundations of College Success (3 credits)
Tuesdays, 12:00-1:15

To register for FYE Honors, use the CRN 23127. To learn how to register using a CRN, watch this video.

College gives us the opportunity to learn about the world, our passions, and ourselves, and with our new knowledge and skills, we transform from learner and observer to active participant, able to contribute new knowledge to our fields. Whether you will become a scientist, artist, or engineer, FYE is here to support your transformation.

-Cori Horne, FYE Honors Instructor

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