Temporary Signage

Temporary signgage consists of signs that will only be posted for 30 days or less. Certain temporary signage options are available only to Weber State organizations. Third-party signage is limited to posters in specific posting locations and same-day signage for events held on campus. Please see signage type links below for details. 


What is considered WSU organizational signage?

WSU administrative departments and/or academic schools/colleges, centers, and institutes are considered a university organization. WSUSA and chartered student clubs are also included in this category.


What is considered third-party signage?

Any temporary signage that is posted or distributed by non WSU organizations. Businesses, non-profits, and not for profits owned by WSU students, faculty, staff, and alumni are considered third-party organizations.

Types of Temporary Signage







In February 2024, new rules for temporary signage, including yard signs, were established for the Weber State organization. Temporary signage is recognized as an essential tool at the university to communicate quickly and effectively with the campus community. 

However, without specific and enforceable rules in place, yard signs can:

  • Overwhelm campus posting locations, leading to a cluttered environment.
  • Remain in place too long and become outdated.
  • Cause difficult situations when third-party groups post signs.

Considering both the positive and negative aspects of temporary signage, it was determined by the signage committee and approved by the administration that temporary signs should have time, size and location limits.

The nature of temporary signage is meant to be temporary and therefore, a month is now the maximum number of days a temporary sign can be displayed. Temporary signs should include a call to action and a sense of immediacy to be most effective from a marketing standpoint. Signs that rotate more often draw more attention than signs that never change.

For longer-term communication, or to promote programs and services that are always available or occur year-round, yard signs can be posted one month at a time, up to three times yearly. Other methods of advertising should be explored for additional marketing and communication needs.



If your signage needs cannot met while adhering to WSU signage policy, you may appeal your case to the signage committee, and it will be reviewed to determine if a reasonable solution exists or an accommodation can be be made. Please fill out this form and you will be contacted.