Vehicle Use Policy


Policy ID Number: FM 201
As Of: 1 February 2004

This policy amplifies the vehicle use policy as defined by the State of Utah and Weber
State University. This policy applies to all Facilities Management personnel at all Weber
State University campuses. This policy addresses the unique circumstances that apply to
Facilities Management personnel.
PPM 5-31 Driver License Requirements
PPM 5-33 Vehicle Fleet
PPM 5-32 Travel
PPM 5-34a Vehicle Traffic on Campus Sidewalks
PPM 5-46 Campus Walkway Safety
State Regulation R27-3-16. Smoking in State Vehicles
FM: Facilities Management

A. University vehicles provided for FM personnel are for official University use only.
They may not be used for personal use, personal business, to transport materials or
equipment for any private party or person for private reasons, or to augment or assist a
private person in the conduct of their personal or business interests.
B. University vehicles are not authorized to be driven to an employee’s residence at the
end of the normal duty day except as noted below:
(1) The Plumbing Shop Manager, Electric Shop Manager, and the Davis Campus
Maintenance Technician may drive a University vehicle to his/her place of
residence at the end of the duty shift so the vehicle is immediately available to
respond to emergencies on campus. The vehicle will be equipped with the tools 
and equipment necessary to address the most common emergency response
requirements. Others may be authorized as necessary, per item (4) below.
(2) The Landscape Manager may drive a University vehicle to his/her place of
residence only during snow removal season to allow for immediate response to
the campus in event of a snow storm. The vehicle will be equipped with tools
and equipment necessary to allow all-weather response.
(3) The authority listed in items (1) and (2) above does not apply if the incumbent
in the listed positions live more than 10 miles from the campus to which they
must respond.
(4) The Assistant Vice President for Facilities Management may specifically
authorize FM employees to take University owned vehicles to their residences
overnight or in other circumstances when specifically justified to respond to
unusual situations. Generally this will be associated with travel to conferences
or training where travel by University owned vehicle is most advantageous.
(5) Taking a vehicle to one’s residence at the end of the duty day inherently carries
with it the responsibility for the person taking the vehicle to be the first
responder for emergencies on campus.
C. University vehicles should not normally be used for lunch or break stops. Discretion
is required when running for parts and lunch or a break period occurs. Minimize the time
University vehicles are parked at commercial establishments.
D. The operator of any campus vehicle is responsible for any fines, tickets or other
penalties associated with improper or illegal use of the vehicle. The University will bear
no responsibility for traffic citations or fines levied while operating a University owned
E. University owned vehicles will not be used to carry passengers who are not affiliated
with Weber State University or who are not prospective vendors or agents. Using
University owned vehicles to pick up family members, run personal errands, or to
transport privately owned materials is prohibited.
F. Vehicles must be safely parked and secured when not in use. Loss or theft of parts or
equipment from an unlocked vehicle could be chargeable to the employee if appropriate
security precautions are not followed.
G. Employees must notify their supervisor if their driving status or licensing status
changes for any reason.
H. Smoking is not allowed in University owned vehicles.
I. Abuse of this policy will result in disciplinary action.

A. University vehicles are assigned to craftspeople and made available to other
employees to maximize their effectiveness and efficiency in performing their work.
Vehicles will be reassigned as necessary to balance the use of vehicles, and to allow
service work to be performed on vehicles. Vehicles will not be reassigned to meet the
personal desires of individuals, or for status or prestige reasons. Vehicle reassignments
will be managed by the Director of Plant Operations in consultation with the Vehicle
Repair Shop manager based on mileage accumulated and vehicle condition.
B. University vehicles must be kept clean inside and outside. Each vehicle operator is
responsible for the exterior and interior care and cleanliness of the vehicle assigned to
them or checked out by them. Operators of “sign-out” vehicles should clean vehicles,
inside or outside, when their use results in them becoming dirty. When a vehicle requires
cleaning, operators can pick up an authorization card for a car wash from the FM
Business Center. This card can be used at the College Car Wash, 1224 Country Hills
Drive, Ogden, Utah.
C. Refueling of University owned vehicles should be done at the University owned
fueling station whenever possible to save on fuel costs and transit time. Use the provided
fuel card for refueling. Accurate odometer readings must be provided when refueling a
University owned vehicle. Vehicles will be refueled when the fuel gage registers ½ tank
of fuel or less. The University will not reimburse employees who pay in cash for fuel for
University owned vehicles.
D. Promptly report maintenance requirements to the vehicle maintenance shop so repairs
are not delayed. Use the FM work order system (Facility Focus) for vehicle maintenance