Gatherings and Events for FM

Procedure Number: 001
Issue Date: February 24, 2012
Last Revision Date: February 24, 20

Events and Gatherings for Facilities Management

The Facilities Management (FM) department may hold gatherings and events to promote
interaction, morale and cohesiveness among employees.

PPM 5-30a Food Services

Gathering: An event (usually monthly) that all FM personnel are invited to attend and
participate in which is planned by one or more of the FM shops.
Events: Large activities which include the Holiday Lunch, Spring Gathering and other
training/FM wide meetings not considered as a monthly ‘gathering.’
Pot-luck: Involves activities when food items are supplied by FM employees and they
may bring whatever they feel appropriate within the given parameters.
Overseer: A group or individual who will initiate and delegate responsibilities and
assignments of planning, preparing and executing FM activities.

Responsible Party:
Associate Vice President for Facilities and Campus Planning 

FM gatherings are to provide opportunities for FM employees to associate and mingle
with one another. Instruction and training for FM employees may be given in gatherings
and events. Each FM gathering is to be planned and executed with promoting the FM
PRIDE and the FM Vision Statement.
Each gathering will be approved by the Associate Vice President for Facilities and
Campus Planning, and overseen by a designated group or individual who will manage the
entire planning process.

A. Gatherings
1. An overseer (group or individual) will manage the planning, preparation and
execution of the FM Activity. Choose a date (refer to the online WSU
Academic/Social Calendar and FM calendars).
2. The overseer will contact the shop managers/superintendents who wish to be
involved with the FM activity.
3. A meeting or email correspondence will be set up for all groups or individuals
planning the activity.
4. Obtain approval and permission for the gathering/event from the Associate
Vice President for Facilities and Campus Planning before publishing the
5. Meet with the planning committee. Discuss food-handling issues, weather and
feasibility issues, and make schedule of activities.
6. Many of FM gatherings and events will be “pot-luck” in nature. "Pot Luck" or
similar parties for employees or students are authorized if all of the following
conditions are met:
a. Food products are provided and/or prepared by employees or students
from personal, rather than institutional resources.
b. Weber State kitchen or food handling facilities are not utilized.
c. No food products are sold, either directly or indirectly, such as an
admission charge or "donation" at events where such food is served.
7. The committee will gain the approval from the Associate Vice President for
Facilities Campus Planning before purchasing anything for the event. Prepare
a budget to approve through the Associate Vice President at least three (3)
weeks in advance. The funds for gatherings are located in a specific account
and the overseer may use a purchasing card. Reimbursements must have prior
8. Order equipment via work request (i.e. tables, chairs, garbage cans etc.) from
the moving crew, custodial department and landscape shops. 
9. Designate a photographer for the gathering. They may use the FM camera
found at the front desk of the FM Business Office.
10. Purchase the materials and supplies for the event or gathering and collect all
receipts to turn into the gathering or event supervisor. Make notes on the
receipt of who bought the materials and for what purpose if they wish to b
11. On the day of the gathering or event, have the overseer arrive early enough to
set up and prepare for FM employees to arrive.
12. Proper clean-up is essential to the function of the FM department. Clean up
completely and thoroughly. Assign individuals and shops to various clean-up
13. Turn in all receipts and paperwork for the gathering to the event overseer for
reconciliation and submittal to the FM Budget Clerk or Associate Vice
President for Facilities and Campus Planning.

B. Events
The Happy Healthy SAT is responsible for planning and executing the two major
events held for FM during the year: The Holiday Lunch and the Summer Event.
1. The SAT lead will obtain the budget for the event from the Associate Vice
President for Facilities and Campus Planning.
2. The SAT will meet to plan and prepare the event during their SAT meeting
time. They will decide on a theme and venue for the event. The SAT will
make a document with the proposed venue and pricing.
3. The SAT will choose a date (refer to the online WSU Academic/Social
Calendar and FM calendars).
4. Once the plans are made, the SAT lead will review them with the Associate
VP for Facilities and Campus Planning and obtain approval.
5. The SAT lead will take the document to the Director of Facilities Business
Services so they can place a requisition for the service (e.g. restaurant
reservation, prizes, venue etc.).
6. Make arrangements for food items, awards and prizes, and attending numbers
for the FM event. Complete a list of shopping items. Purchase of items for
events will be done with a P-card.
7. Collect all receipts and place in the safe until the event is complete and the
reconciliation can take place.
8. All awards and prizes must have a signature of the receiver on a log kept for
documentation purposes.
9. Questions and concerns will be referred to the Director of Facilities Business
Services (SAT folder may be referred to for past FM events).