Expressions of Sympathy etc

Procedure Number: O02
Issue Date: February 29, 2012
Last Revision Date: February 29, 2012

Gift, Flowers and Expressions of Sympathy for Facilities

This procedure outlines the parameters under which Facilities Management (FM)
personnel may be to send gifts, expressions of sympathy, awards or flowers to FM

PPM 5-25 j Awards, Expressions of Sympathy, Food, Gifts & Flowers
PPM 10-1 Information Security Policy
Happy Healthy SAT Compassionate Service for Facilities Management

Institutional Funding: Any and all monies processed through the University financial
Non-E&G Funding: Any institutional funding other than state tax funds and state
appropriated tuition and fees.
Agency Funds: Any funds held in trust for a third party where the University acts as
custodian, i.e. conference sponsorships, faculty/staff association, office benevolent
Immediate Family Member: For the purpose of this policy, immediate family member is
defined as a parent, spouse or child of the employee or the employee's spouse (steprelatives
in these categories are included). 

Facilities Management personnel are aware of their co-worker’s condition, they may not
voluntarily inform other employees of the person’s illness, injury or any other condition
concerning their health or situation. This information is protected.

A. Restrictions
In the event that that an employee becomes ill, is hospitalized, gives birth (or
spouse gives birth), or experiences a death in their immediate family, awards,
gifts or expressions of sympathy etc. may be sent to an FM employee (salaried or
hourly) who has been employed for a minimum of three (3) months. The
following sections have been taken from University Policy PPM 5-25j Awards,
Expressions of Sympathy, Food, Gifts & Flowers:
1. The following are prohibited from being purchased with institutional funding:
a. Food items, meals, flowers and like items associated with the celebration
of employee life events such as birthdays, graduations, baby showers and
like activities except as outlined in Sections B, C and D below.
b. Prizes and awards for employees except as outlined in Sections B, C and
D below.
c. Expression of sympathy for employees or employee family members
except as outlined in Sections B, C and D below.
2. The following may be purchased with institutional funding under the
conditions described here:
a. Food items or gifts associated with formal employee retirement activities.
b. Business meals and like food items appropriate for conducting University
business. Such meals or items are to be documented by a receipt, list of
participants, meeting purpose, and are subject to supervisory approval.
3. The following may be purchased with non-E&G funding under the conditions
described here:
a. Food items, gifts, prizes and awards for employees when associated with
formal institutional/divisional functions (e.g. outstanding performance
programs, general employee appreciation programs or events, or like
activities that are administered or coordinated at the institution or division
b. Expressions of sympathy associated with the death or serious illness of an
employee or an employee's immediate family member. Expressions of
sympathy include floral arrangements, sympathy cards, and similar items.
c. Awards, expressions of sympathy, gifts, flowers and like items for nonuniversity
employees appropriate for conducting University 
business. Such items are to be documented by a receipt, list of recipients,
and are subject to supervisory approval.
d. Office seasonal decorations.
e. Purchases made with agency funds are restricted only to the extent that
they are used for the purpose designated by the third party.

B. Cards
Cards may be purchased and signed by FM employees to recognize several events
involving co-workers. Cards may originate from FM shops or individuals, but will
not use institutional funding.
1. Purchasing, signing and sending a card is appropriate for events including but
not limited to: employee illness or hospitalization causing them to miss work
6 to 10 business days, has a death in the family, wedding, birthday, new baby
2. The shop will gain approval from the FM Budget manager to purchase a card
or purchase on of their own accord
3. The card may be signed or and sent or directly given to the individual

C. Expressions of Sympathy, Gifts, or Flowers
Items other than cards which recognize events involving co-workers, must receive
approval from the FM Budget manager before items are purchased. FM personnel
must have approval from the Budget Manager at FM to send any items. Any items
sent must be under $49.99 including delivery fees and tax, and may not to an
institutionally funded account.
1. Purchasing and sending items is appropriate when: the employee is sick or
hospitalized, and misses work more than 10 working days, employee or their
spouse gives birth to a child, employee’s parent, step parent, guardian, spouse,
child, step child, sister, brother, or grandparent dies

D. Donations
Donations for the employee who has experienced a death in the family, or other
unfortunate circumstances can be collected within the individual groups, if they
choose. If donations are being collected, notify the FM Budget manager to ensure
that funds are collected appropriately.