Standard Operating Procedures For Electrical Operations

Procedure Number: OP12
Issue Date: February 22, 2012

Last Revision Date: February 6, 2012

This document provides the general procedure for Facilities Management to follow when
performing regular maintenance or emergency duties as they pertain to electrical operations.

FM Policy 601 Emergency Response
PPM 5-25b Requisition Preparation and Processing

First Responder: Designated technician from Facilities Management required immediately on
site to assess secure and assess emergency situations on campus.
Power Outage: Complete loss of power to University areas.

Responsible Party:
Facilities Management Electrical Superintendent

Facilities Management (FM) will maintain sustainable practices for electrical operations. These
procedures outline basic courses of action to be taken when the following situations occur: 

A. Power Outage
1. The Heat Plant Operator will notify the Electrical Superintendent or Lead Electrician
if Superintendent is unavailable, of the extent of the outage.
2. After hours outages may require the use of the ‘Utilities Outage Call List’ available
on the Facilities Management share drive or in a regularly updated form posted in the
Heat Plant and Electrical offices.
3. If the outage is localized to a specific building, First Responder will assess cause of
the outage.
4. The First Responder will notify the Associate Vice President for Facilities and
Campus Planning and the Director of Plant Operations. They will report if FM
Electrical is capable of performing repairs or if the situation requires a contractor.
5. In-house repairs will be performed immediately.
6. If the situation is not within the abilities of FM electricians, a state contractor will be
notified and will perform the work (a list will be supplied and updated regularly)
7. All contractor work must be procured through the Purchasing Department according
to University policy. A requisition will be made prior the commencement of
contracted work, unless the Associate Vice President for Facilities and Campus
Planning and Director of FM Plant Operations deem the situation as a health, life and
safety emergency.
8. The First Responder, FM electricians, and Heat Plant Operator will monitor the
situation until stable.
9. A work order will be submitted for the outage event.

B. Power Shut Off for Emergencies
Emergency situations may require mandatory shut off of power for University areas to
ensure the safety of persons on campus.
1. If a campus emergency occurs (flood, wind etc.) the Electrical Superintendent will
authorize the power to a building or area to be shut off.
2. First Responders will examine the situation once power has been shut off.
3. Once the situation is assessed and deemed safe to reinstate power to the University
area, power will be restored as soon as possible.
4. This procedure does not replace the emergency procedure outlined in FM Policy 601.

C. Transformer Maintenance
1. Transformers are expected to be used to their fullest capacity and lifetime. They will
be replaced or repaired as necessary upon evaluation by the Electrical Superintendent
or designee.
2. The Electrical Superintendent will determine if a replacement, repair or upgrade
performed by FM electricians is feasible.
3. If a transformer must be replaced, the FM Electrical Superintendent will notify the
Director of Plant Operations and proceed through the appropriate purchasing channels
using a contractor.
4. An appropriate work request will be created for assessments and in house work