Irrigation Start Up Procedure For Ogden Main Campus

Procedure Number: OP17
Issue Date: March 2, 2012
Last Revision Date: March 2, 201

Irrigation Spring Start Up Procedure for Ogden Main Campus

This document provides a procedure for the landscape irrigation start up in the Spring for the
Ogden Main Campus.

Irrigation Map Books (available in from the Landscape Shop)

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS): Database that Facilities Management
uses as a work management system.

Responsible Party:
Facilities Management Landscape Manager

The water source from Pineview Water should be available by mid-April. The Irrigation
Specialist will ensure the water source is active before beginning start-up procedures.
A preventive maintenance work request in the CMMS will flag for the irrigation start-up process
to begin on March 1st
A. Plumbing Shop Responsibilities
1. A plumber will check irrigation pumps when the valves are opened to pressurize the
irrigation system.
2. The floats throughout pump house must also be examined to ensure they are all
working properly. 
3. Plumbers will open the water supply valves to the reservoir which supplies water to
the campus irrigation system. The valves are located in the stadium pump house.
4. The irrigation pump in the W1 clock will need to be re-installed as it was removed the
previous season for winterization.
5. Ensure the Backflow is installed again (located by the FM generator).
6. Landscape will be notified once the plumbing responsibilities are completed.

B. HVAC/R Shop Responsibilities
1. Once the Pineview Water supply is received (usually by April 20th), the HVAC/R
Shop will set the cycles for the water feed.
2. The Metasys program will be set to cycle the pump for Lindquist Plaza pump house
(a.k.a. pond pump house). Butterfly Actuators must be working properly.
3. HVAC/R Shop will ensure the meters are working properly.
4. The Lindquist Fountain pump will be run according to the set schedule determined by
the Landscape manager and will run independently of the irrigation schedule. (e.g.
8:55 PM irrigation valve will draw water from the pond, at 9:00PM the irrigation
pump will start up and take the water to the system).

C. Landscape Shop Responsibilities
1. Once plumbing responsibilities are completed, the Irrigation Specialist will open the
west side clocks (located on Dixon Drive) and work west to east, opening the valves
at each clock station.
2. The sub-main lines should be filled and pressurized before the clocks are turned on
for the season.
3. Lateral lines should be the last lines to be pressurized.
4. Check heads for breaks and damage as the lines are filled.
5. Make proper adjustments for pressure (the irrigation crew will watch for problems or
needed adjustments station by station).