Restroom Cleaning Procedures


Procedure Number: OP03
Issue Date: December 30, 2011
Last Revision Date: December 30, 201

This document provides the cleaning procedure for University restrooms.

Responsible Party:
Facilities Management Custodial department

Each custodial team will clean WSU restrooms in their assigned area in accordance with
the following procedure:

A. Before Beginning:
Gather all needed supplies for restroom cart
1 swab bucket for sinks #25L
1 swab bucket plus 1 gallon #4 for toilets and urinals
Mop water 25H
Cleaner #1 (window cleaner)
Lemon oil
Soap (for dispensers)
Toilet paper
Paper towels
Garbage bags
R.R. Keys
Tampon bags 
B. Restroom Cleaning Tasks
1. Close down Restroom and put out closed/wet floor signs
2. Mop entire restroom with dust mop, under toilets, urinals, etc.
3. Swab sinks, toilets, urinals, partitions between urinals (spots only).
4. Clean mirrors (with cleaner #1).
5. Rinse sink chrome fixtures.
6. Wipe and dry sinks, urinals, toilets, partitions.
7. Check and change any products (paper towels, toilet paper, soap).
8. Empty tampon receptacles, change bag if needed.
9. Change garbage bags, (tie and tuck corners).
10. Lemon oil all untouched chrome.
11. Mop entire floor with wet mop, under toilets, urinals, and behind other
12. Turn lights off.
13. Remove signs when area is dry.