Non-Emergency Building Shutdown Procedure

Procedure Number: OP15
Issue Date: February 29, 2012
Last Revision Date: February 29, 2012

Non-Emergency Building Shutdown Procedure

This document is an outline for Facilities Management to follow when performing nonemergency,
planned University space or utility shutdowns.

FM Policy 601 Emergency Response Policy

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS): Database that Facilities Management
uses as a work management system.
Initiating Shop: The Facilities Management shop that initially requires a non-emergency
shutdown of a University space or utility for maintenance.
Non-emergency Shutdown: Shutdown of a University space or utility which is planned for

Responsible Party:
Facilities Management Director of Operations or designee

Facilities Management shops will appropriately propose, schedule, coordinate and execute nonemergency
shutdowns with the involvement of the affected campus personnel. Facilities 
Management personnel are responsible for adhering to the following process when performing a
non-emergency shutdown of a building:

A. Proposal
1. The Initiating Shop will create a work request for shut down with the nature of the
shut-down event. A phase is requires for each shop involved.
2. The initiating shop will contact the building manager (e.g. College Dean, Building
Supervisor etc.) of the University area requiring non-emergency shutdown to
coordinate dates and impacts of the work.

B. Scheduling
1. The Initiating shop will ensure the date and time of the shutdown are included on the
work request.
2. Any equipment/personnel coordination with other shops is the responsibility of the
Initiating Shop.
3. The FM Business Office customer Service Representative will send an email with the
date and time of the shutdown and work request number to the building coordinator
and other persons in administrative positions in the building (i.e. secretaries,
department heads etc.).
Any communication (email, phone calls etc.) concerning the work must be noted on the
appropriate shop phase.

C. Coordination with other FM Shops
1. The leading or Initiating Shop will review the work request with the following
Date of shut down
 Time of shut down and restoration
 Description of the work
 Scope of the work

2. The initiating shop will develop a work plan for the job with the other shops involved.
Ensure that shops involved have not declined their work request phase(s).

D. Execution
1. FM shops will execute the work plan.
3. All shops involved with a building shutdown will account for time and materials in
the appropriate shop phase.
4. The initiating shop will notify the FM Business Office when there are updates in the
work, and when the work is completed.