Gas Card Report Reconciliation Procedure

Procedure Number: OP06
Issue Date: January 18, 2012
Last Revision Date: January 18, 2012

This document provides a basic procedure which Facilities Management personnel will follow
for fuel usage and reconciliation of fuel expenses.


PPM 5-31 Driver’s License Requirements
PPM 5-33 Vehicle Fleet

Gas Cards: Cards used in the purchase of fuel for University vehicles. A Personal Identification
Number (PIN) will be obtained to use cards.
Fuel Purchases: Purchases made with gas cards including but not limited to: gasoline, diesel and
compressed natural gas (CNG).
Vehicle User: Any person who will or may drive or fuel University vehicles.

Responsible Party:
Director of Facilities Business Service, Facilities Management Budget Clerk and Fleet Services

FM will maintain records for fuel usage by FM vehicles by FM personnel. All Facilities
Management (FM) personnel who will or may use University vehicles must complete the online 
Driver Training Video for State Risk Management Insurance. All FM personnel who use a
University vehicle will obtain a PIN for fuel purchases.

A. Reconciliation Responsibilities
The Fuelman Card Report for the University Fleet Services is received by the Fleet
Manager once a month. This report reflects the charges listed by vehicle number, accrued
from fuel purchases from the previous month (e.g. the report received in June will reflect
the documented charges for May). The following process for reconciling fuel usage for
FM will be completed monthly in connection with the FM monthly budget reconciliation:
1. The Fleet Services Manager (FSM) will identify the FM vehicle fuel charges on the
Fuelman Card Report.
2. The FSM will review the FM vehicle list and ensure the correct FM cost codes were
used for fuel purchases. A list providing cost codes in FM may be requested from the
FM Business Office.
3. The FSM will add a five percent (5%) service charge to the totals for each FM
4. All off-site locations used for fueling vehicles must be approved locations.
5. Before sending the setting the status of the vehicle gas usage report in the database to
“Approved,” the FSM will review the list once more to ensure cost code information
is correct and place a check mark next to the reviewed vehicles.
6. The FSM will search for any abnormal charges for fuel usage and identify the
individual’s PIN that was used for fuel purchases.
7. The FSM will enter the costs into Banner through Inter Departmental Billing (IDB)
through Accounting Services, under the direction of the Purchasing department.
8. This process of review before going through Banner is considered a reconciliation of
gas cards and fuel usage for FM. A copy of the reviewed and completed Fuelman
Card Report will be sent to the FM Business Office and reviewed by the Budget
9. The FM Budget Clerk will review and include this documentation in the monthly
budget reconciliation report.

B. Fuelman Card Usage Procedure
All FM vehicle users will complete the Driver Training Video for State Risk Management
Insurance and test online and send a copy of the results to the Facilities Management
Business Office (
The FSM will check on the status of an individual’s completion date of the Driver Training
Video for State Risk Management Insurance and test offered by the State of Utah. These
results and completion date are recorded in Fleet Focus though the State of Utah. 
1. This information entered into the Fleet Focus Database for the State of Utah will be
reviewed/updated weekly by the State of Utah and Division of Motor Vehicles
2. If an issue occurs (e.g. DUI, traffic violation etc.), the State of Utah will update the
status of the individual’s license in the Fleet Focus Database. The FSM will be
responsible for ensuring the individual does not operate or fuel University vehicles
unless the matter is cleared and “Valid” status of the individual’s license is restored.
3. After successful completion of the Driver Training Video for State Risk Management
Insurance, the FM employee may request a PIN by informing their supervisor and
sending an email request to the FSM with the following information:
Full Name
Driver’s License Number
Date of Expiration on License dd/mm/yyyy
Vehicle(s) that FM employee will use most frequently
4. After obtaining a PIN, the FM vehicle user may fuel at designated fueling stations.
When fueling a vehicle the employee will adhere to the following steps:
a. The vehicle user will visit the on-campus fuel pump.
b. A gas card number (found in the vehicle glove box) will be entered into the pump
c. Enter the PIN that has been assigned.
d. Enter in the exact mileage of the vehicle. Numbers, not symbols will be used
when recording odometer readings, (e.g. reporting individual cannot write
‘Odometer was at 023xxx miles’). Incorrect odometer readings will incur fines
from the State of Utah. Report any incorrect odometer readings to the FSM.
e. Fuel the vehicle and replace the nozzle.
5. Any stops for out-of-city fueling will be done at approved off-site locations. The
FSM will have a list of approved off -site fuel sources for the Fuelman gas card.