Surplus Property Management Procedures

Procedure Number: E02
Issue Date: February 15, 2012
Last Revision Date: February 15, 2012

This procedure directs Facilities Management personnel in receiving assets and consigning
University property to the Property Control department of Weber State University.

PPM 5-25g Receiving
PPM 5-27 Surplus Property
FM Policy 302 Inventory Management for the Facilities Management Warehouse
FM Procedure OP05 After Hours Procedures for the Facilities Management Warehouse

Asset List: A list of items on campus documented with a value of $1500 or more and tracked by
Property Control.
Other Property: Other items of University property that does not fall under the ‘Asset list Items’
definition (e.g. tools, items of value etc.).
Property: Equipment, material or supplies purchased with any funds administered by Weber
State University, including property donated by individuals, corporations or government
Surplus Property: Property no longer useful to the department and/or the University.

Responsible Party:
Facilities Management Director of Business Services or designee 

Facilities Management will adhere to University policy when receiving University property or
consigning it to the University Surplus Warehouse. Accurate record keeping of asset list items is
required of all Facilities Management (FM) functional areas. The University Surplus Warehouse
(Property Control) will maintain and update the Asset list. Other property accounting methods
may be implemented according to Facilities Management’s needs.
The Property Control Office will complete an annual scan of all items on campus belonging to
the Asset List to ensure accuracy of the list. FM personnel will be responsible for reporting
information regarding the status of asset list items according to the following procedures:

A. Asset List Items Directly Delivered
1. The shop manager/superintendent at FM will email a notification to the Property
Control manager that the item was received at the assigned location.
2. Property Control personnel will come to assign an inventory number to the item and
place a sticker on the item for tracking purposes.
3. FM personnel will maintain the item in the noted location until the item is officially
relocated or consigned to Property Control (reference item D).

B. Asset List Items Delivered to Receiving and Distribution
1. Shipping & Receiving personnel will notify the Property Control Manager that the
item was received at Shipping and Distribution Center.
2. Property Control personnel will assign an inventory number to the item and place a
bar code sticker on the item for tracking purposes.
3. The Property Control Manager will notify the FM person who ordered the item of
arrival and record the location placement of the item. The item may also be delivered
after receiving an inventory number.
4. FM will maintain the item in the noted location until relocation or the item is
consigned to Property Control.

C. Project Management Receiving Asset List Items
1. Project Managers will notify Property Control of the completion of a project when the
furniture, fixtures and equipment have been installed.
2. If asset list items are received on site, the project manager will request that Property
Control visit the site and inventory the space.
3. If inventory items are delivered at the Receiving and Distribution center, the project
manager will email to the Property Control Manager with the name of the location
and department where the items will ultimately stay.
4. Furniture, fixtures and equipment items that are not assigned to a department at the
time of project completion will be reviewed annually by the Project Manager and
they ensure that the items are correctly assigned. 
5. The Project Managers will be responsible for notifying the Property Control Manager
of any updates involving reassigned assets.

D. Relocation/Removal of Asset List Items
1. If FM personnel wish to relocate or remove an asset list item, the FM person will
send an email to the Director of Facilities Business Services with the item and
2. The Director of Facilities Business Services or designee will send an email with the
appropriate information regarding the item.
3. Property Control will send a request to Accounting Services for approval to remove
item from the current location and move to the requested location.
4. Once approval is received the item can be relocated or removed.

E. Consigning Asset List Items to Property Control
1. Before the item is sent to Property Control as surplus property, the Director of
Facilities Business Services will email a notification to the Property Control manager
with the inventory number and the location of the item.
2. Property Control will request approval to remove the item from the asset list
according to the following procedure:
a. All deletions from the asset list require approval from Accounting Services.
Property Control will submit a request for approval to delete asset list items.
b. Once approval is given, Property Control will delete items under $5,000.00.
c. Accounting Services is responsible for deleting asset list items above the
$5,000.00 limit.
3. The Director of Facilities Business Services must verify if the item was taken off the
asset list by viewing the “Fixed Assets Report” in Crystal reports. The assets are
listed according to the organization account number.

F. Non-Asset List Items
FM shop manager/superintendent will oversee the documentation and tracking processes
for non-asset tools/equipment.
1. Individuals will sign for tools/equipment specifically assigned to them.
2. All tools will be procured through the FM Warehouse.

G. Organization Reporting
FM asset list items will be will be identified under a fixed organization report. The
following list divides FM into the organization numbers on the asset list:
1. Landscape/Services - 31113
2. Custodial - 31109
3. Structures - 31107
4. Electrical - 31110
5. Mechanical - 31112 
6. Administration – 31100
7. Davis- 31118