Lawn Mowing Equipment Maintenance

Procedure Number: E03
Issue Date: March 2, 2012
Last Revision Date: March 2, 2012

This document provides an outline of landscape equipment maintenance and training for the use
thereof for Facilities Management employee personnel.

Mow Crew Supervisor: The individual in the Landscape Shop responsible for ensure the
maintenance of mowing equipment and training on use thereof.
Safety Coordinator (SC): The Landscape Shop individual responsible for ensuring training on
use of all landscape equipment is completed.

Responsible Party:
Facilities Management Landscape Manager

Each employee working in the Landscape Shop on the will be trained on proper use of
landscaping equipment. Videos, lectures, packets and any other administration safety training
will be scheduled by the FM Landscape Manager and tracked by the Safety Coordinator.
Training for equipment used by employee will be administered within 30 days of the employee
using the equipment.
The Mow Crew Supervisor will ensure that mowing equipment is properly maintained to ensure
the safety of employee operators. 

A. Employee Training
1. On the first official workday for new employees, the Safety Coordinator will ensure
that the employee completes the following basic training:
a. State of Utah Driver’s Safety training video and test.
b. Appropriate video or training required for equipment use.
2. The Manager will schedule any trainings as noted by the Safety Coordinator.
3. The following list of equipment has training that will be administered according to
employee use:
a. Walk-behind Mowers
b. Ventrac
c. Riding Mowers
d. Weedeaters
e. Leaf Blowers
f. Push mowers
g. Trailers
h. Use of Personal Protective Equipment
i. Backhoe
j. Skid-steer
k. Field Painting Equipment
l. JGL Lift
m. Arbor Safety Training
n. Ladder Safety
o. Chainsaw and Power Equipment
4. Employees will be trained on equipment handling with the appropriate
video/instruction and perform a test drive in a vacant parking lot. The SC will ensure
they are competent in operations and inform them of turf restrictions, grade levels and
personal protective equipment (PPE).
5. The trainee will sign a training log to ensure that they have completed the training
and are aware that they proper checks on the equipment have been made (e.g. fluid
levels, temperatures, air pressure, needed repairs completed).
6. The SC will report completed trainings to the FM Safety Officer for documentation