Dr. Eric K. Gibbons


Ph.D. at Stanford University
M.S. at Stanford University
B.S. at University of Utah
Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information

Email: ericgibbons@weber.edu
Phone: 801-626-6821
Office Location: NB 245J
Mail Code 1803
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Courses Taught

ECE 1400 - Fundamentals of Engineering Computing
ECE 3210 - Signals and Systems
ECE 6210 - Digital Signal Processing
ECE 6220 - Image Processing

Research Areas of Interest

I am an imaging scientist.  Currently, my work has focused on applying deep learning techniques towards various medical imaging problems, particularly those seen in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). These applications have primarily been in the cardiac and neurological imaging spheres. The applications have been wide-ranging, spanning from interpolation, super-resolution, and quantitative parameter map generation.

I also work on problems related to magnetic resonance physics.  My graduate work was broadly aimed at reducing distortion in MR diffusion-weighted images in the abdomen.  I developed a robust diffusion-weighted single-shot fast spin echo (SS-FSE) pulse sequence. This pulse sequence has seen three phases of development throughout my PhD. (1) Initial implementation and introduction of accelerated image acquisition. (2) Rigorous analysis of the effects of radiofrequency (RF) pulses on signal stability. (3) Improved signal processing, image reconstruction, and sampling with additional work on analyzing the impact of organ motion.

Much of this work is done in collaboration with scientists, engineers, and physicians at the University of Utah and Stanford University.  

Deep-learning neural imaging


Diffusion-weighted SS-FSE pulse sequence