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Take steps toward a more fulfilling career now. Weber State University's microcredentials are designed to provide you with quickly learned noncredit skills, and evidence of those skills. From communication in the workplace to leadership and more, self-paced online courses can prepare you for climbing the ladder. You'll also have access to WSU's e-Portfolio, where you can display your earned microcredentials and the projects that show employers that you have what it takes.

About WSU’s Microcredentials


WSU's microcredentials are all about earning skills quickly. If you're not quite ready for that online degree program, but you need to upskill, we're here for you!


WSU develops its microcredentials through identifying workforce needs and skills gaps right here in Utah.

Online & Self-Paced

You decide when to join class and when to complete milestones.

Made for Sharing

Upon completion of a WSU microcredential, you'll have access to an e-portfolio that can show potential employers the skills you've learned and projects you've completed.

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