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Conflict Management at Work
Conflict Management at Work

Reduce Workplace Tension

Conflict doesn’t have to be controversial. In fact, it’s a natural part of creating healthy workplaces. The trick is to harness its potential, and Weber State University's Conflict Management microcredential will help you do just that.

Program Highlights

Identify Conflict

Discover the many forms of conflict, from out in the open to unspoken, and from the professional to the personal.

Leverage Disputes

Find out how to use conflict to make better decisions and reach your goals.

Become Managerial Material

While conflict can be a benefit to your team, you’ll have to navigate those waters. Learn how.

Learning Objectives

Using concepts of conflict management, this course is specifically designed to:


Empower you with the skills to recognize common pitfalls, mistakes and biases that lead to negative or problematic conflict


Teach you how to engage in productive conflict in ways that advance interpersonal, group and organizational goals


Provide you with the skills to navigate the complexities of conflict to maximize the benefits and mitigate the costs

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