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Mr. Jeff Johnson


1 Masters degree and 3 Bachelors degrees


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Phone: (801) 626-7585 
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Teaching Philosophy & Focus


I believe that education and learning are different!

I believe that everyone can learn – perhaps not in the same way and in the same time and in the same manner as everyone else – but everyone can learn. I believe some people learn best with a “hands-on” type of situation, but there are many modalities in which people can learn – aurally, orally, experientially, etc.

I believe learning is more than just transmitting social culture to coming generations – it is also about teaching people to think critically, objectively and subjectively, and using knowledge wisely to ensure the continuation of humanity. I believe that for a person to learn, that person must want to learn and make efforts to learn.

For many who want to learn, there may not be a person for them from which they can learn. For others who have teachers at their disposal, but who choose not or refuse to learn, education crashes to a halt. I believe there are impediments to learning – social, emotional, financial, cultural, governmental, and behavioral conditions that make learning more of a challenge for certain populations as opposed to others. These impediments must be considered in order to help an individual learn!

I believe that “formal education” is one form, among others, that can facilitate the learning of individuals. Simply because someone says they are educated does not mean they have “learned”, neither does someone who has learned consider themselves “educated.” I personally know of individuals who consider themselves to be educated, but are clueless as to how to help someone in need. I hear people saying that they are either “street smart” or “book smart” as if those are the only two possibilities. Truly learning is one way to overcome this seemingly apparent dichotomy of views.

I believe there are those who are always learning but never being/becoming teachable or coming to the truth. I do not consider this advantageous, but rather detrimental, because what good does it do to always “compile information” without knowing how to use it and transmit it as well. I believe, as did Da Vinci, that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” If content cannot be made to easily understand it, it is not truly accessible to all.

And that, I believe, is what learning is about!

Courses Taught

MATH 0950 - Pre-Algebra
MATH 0990 - First Course in Algebra
MATH 1010 - Intermediate Algebra
PTGS 3060 - Portuguese, Grammar & Composition 
PTGS 3160 - Portuguese, Introduction to Literature
PTGS 3570 - Portuguese, Special Topics
PTGS 3670 - Portuguese, Special Topics

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Research Areas of Interest

Math, Portuguese, religions, and sports



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Main Office 

Tracy Hall Science Center (TY) 207

Monday - Friday
  8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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Weber State University
Developmental Mathematics
1415 Edvalson St., Dept. 2516
Ogden, UT 84408-2516

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