Student Petition, Complaints & Grievances

Weber State University aspires to provide an excellent educational experience. The faculty, staff, and administrators work together to deliver quality courses and services to assist students to achieve their educational goals. However, occasionally mistakes happen or misunderstandings occur. When problems or issues arise, there are avenues where you can voice a complaint, petition for a change, or make an appeal.

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Other Student Grievances

  • Regarding faculty – must follow PPM Section 9
  • Regarding staff/administrators – Whenever possible, complaints or grievances should be resolved at the lowest level possible (ie: staff member, supervisor, director, etc.). If unresolved, students may be referred to the appropriate vice president, in accordance with PPM 6-22 for review. Where the vice president (or designee) determines that there is reasonable cause to believe a staff member violated university policy and the student requests disciplinary action of the staff member, PPMs 3-31 and 3-31a may be reconciled to provide the appropriate process to the staff member as agreed upon between the Due Process Officer and the AVP of Human Resources, with consideration for expediency and fairness.
  • Admission to the University – must follow PPM Section 6-2 VC
  • Transferring credits from another institution: must follow PPM Section 4-21a
  • Parking Violations
  • Athletics – student-athletes may be found to have violated the Student Code, but may also face further sanctions within the athletic department that are governed by separate rules created by the Athletics Department
  • International students - SEVIS related complaints

PPM 6-22, Student Code governs all proceedings involving student's grievances or misconduct. In the event of a conflict between these processes and PPM 6-22, PPM 6-22 governs.

If you have questions about jurisdiction or process, contact Jill Speth, 801-626-7313 or

Additional Forums

Students should work to resolve all complaints at the university level. If a complaint cannot be resolved, additional avenues for lodging a complaint are to:

The Commission Office
8060 165th Avenue NE
Suite 100
Redmond, WA 98052