Code Purple App

Download the WSU Code Purple app and get up-to-date information and important alerts when an emergency occurs on campus, or use its safety features so you’re always safe and secure. The Code Purple app includes:

  • Texting with a dispatcher
  • Enabling Weber State police or a trusted friend access to track your location via GPS while hiking, walking home at night or any potentially unsafe activity
  • And more!

Download for Apple Download for Android

Make Sure You're Getting App Notifications

If you don’t interact with your Code Purple app for a few months or your phone storage runs low, the app will be automatically placed in hibernation by Android and iPhone operating systems. This means you’ll be unable to receive push notifications until you reopen the app or take the following steps. 

iPhone Users

  • Open the “Settings” app.
  • Select “App Store.”

A screenshot of the settings screen on an iPhone with "App Store" highlighted

  • Make sure “Offload Unused Apps” is switched off. 

A screenshot of an iPhone app store with "Offload Unused Apps" highlighted to show a user should make sure this switch is turned off.

Android Users

  • Open the “Settings” app.
  • Select “Apps” and scroll until you find “Code Purple,” and select that option.

"Apps" highlighted in the settings app of an Android phone.

The Code Purple app shown highlighted in the apps section of an Android phone.

  • Scroll to “Pause app activity if unused” and make sure it is switched off.

"Pause app activity if unused" is highlighted to show a user should make sure it is switched off to get notifications.

Allow Push Notifications in the Code Purple App

  • Open the Code Purple app on your device.
  • Select the "About/Preferences" menu at the bottom, and then select "Notification Settings."
  • The Notification Settings menu will display the status of your device’s ability to receive push notifications. Make sure notifications are enabled.

A screenshot of an Android phone showing push notifications in the Code Purple app and that you should have them switched on to "allowed."