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Using a Computer
CLC 0100

Using Microsoft Word 1
CLC 0101

Using Microsoft Excel 1
CLC 0102

Using Microsoft PowerPoint 1
CLC 0103


Using Microsoft Excel 2
CLC 0202

Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2
CLC 0203

Introduction to R
CLC 0301


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Sample Modules

Using Microsoft Word 1 - Formatting a Resume

Microsoft Word is a powerful tool for creating professional job applications. In this video, we'll use tab stops, borders, and other Word features to create a resume similar to the one found in the Resume Guide published by WSU Career Services.

Using Microsoft Excel 2 - Importing Data

There are times you will need to import data from other sources outside of Excel. In this video we will go through the steps of importing data from plain text files, comma-separated value files, and Microsoft Access databases.


Introduction to R - Basic Data Types

Basic Data Types: Integers, Numerics, Characters, Logicals, and Factors

In this video, we’ll be going over the basic data types that R supports and how they can be used. You will be able to list four basic data types that R supports, identify what their values look like, and perform operations on your data based on these types.