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Our outstanding students, expert faculty, and caring staff come from various backgrounds, each with a unique and fantastic story. As a college, we embody positivity, innovation, and progress. Here are some stories and life experiences that make the Dumke College of Health Professions so dynamic.


Ellee Cook - Health Administrative Services

Weber State has always been a special place for Ellee Cook. While attending college, her parents had their very own meet cute in Stewart Library. Cook started her journey at Weber in another program but quickly realized that was not her passion. She switched to health administrative services because she wanted to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Weber's flexible class schedule with online and evening options allowed Cook to work full-time while taking 15-18 credit hours a semester and participating in CrossFit. 

Brian Cottle, a professor of health administrative services, served as Cook's advisor. Cottle impacted Cook's life through his genuine interest in students and his job and his availability to answer all of Cook's questions. 

When times got rough, Cook remembered why she started her education and recommended students starting college to do the same. Additionally, Cook advises that working ahead helps to keep motivation high and stress levels lower. She plans to apply to take her same level of dedication and determination and apply to the eMHA program, knowing her future self will thank her for her hard work since the degree will open more career opportunities.

Jeremy Chavez - Medical Laboratory Sciences

When Jeremy Chavez started his education at Weber State, he wanted to be a doctor. After his academic advisor introduced him to Medical Laboratory Sciences department, he realized it was what he wanted to pursue.

The professors in medical laboratory sciences care about students’ success and are quick to help with ever-changing circumstances. Many professors made a positive and long-lasting impact on Chavez. However, he says he was most influenced by department chair Matt Nicholaou, assistant professor Scott Moore, and associate professors Kendal Beazer and Justin Rhees.

Some advice Chavez shared for students starting out in medical laboratory sciences is that it's okay to take it slow. There are so many great people to meet and so much to learn from the amazing professors. Soak in as much as possible during school.

For the past two years, Chavez has been utilizing his education in the workplace, but wants to continue his education. It’s his goal to be accepted into medical school in Arizona so that he can continue learning about pathology and work with patients face-to-face.


Presidential Teaching Excellence Award Recipients


London Draper Lowe, Nursing
Valerie Gooder, Nursing


Brian Cottle, Health Administrative Services
Diane Leggett-Fife, Nursing
Melissa Neville-Norton, Nursing


Carrie Jeffrey, Nursing
Brad Marden, Health Sciences
Connie Merrill, Nursing


Kristy Baron, Nursing
Cory Moss, Health Administrative Services
Jamie Wankier Randles, Nursing


Tressa Quale, Nursing
Sally Cantwell, Nursing


Catherine Harmston, Nursing
Elizabeth Rocha, Nursing

Brady Presidential Distinguished Professor


Robert J. Walker, Radiologic Sciences


Valerie Herzog, Athletic Training


Diane Kawamura, Radiologic Sciences


Yasmen Simonian, Medical Laboratory Sciences

Lindquist Award


Lisa Trujillo, Respiratory Therapy


Valerie Herzog, Athletic Trianing


Stephanie Bossenberger, Dental Hygiene

John S. Hinckley Fellow Award


Matthew Nicholaou, Medical Laboratory Sciences


Yasmen Simonian, Medical Laboratory Sciences

H. Aldous Dixon Award


Robert J. Walker, Radiologic Sciences


Yasmen Simonian, Laboratory Sciences



    ‘Walking miracle’ and classmate who helped save her will graduate together

    Classmates and friends Audrey Young and Allie Green met during their time in Weber State University’s respiratory therapy program. During a study break, they decided to meet for lunch and faced a life-and-death situation. When Young arrived at the restaurant, she collapsed. Suddenly, what Green had learned in the classroom had to be translated into reality. She performed CPR until first responders arrived. They delivered two electrical shocks to revive her pulse, and then Young was rushed to the hospital to recuperate.

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    WSU paramedic professor contributes to new EMS treatment research

    Christine O’Neil, assistant paramedic professor, was one of seven researchers who examined data from electronic patient reports across the country for a study on people suffering from uncontrolled atrial fibrillation. Information that O’Neil studied could improve outcomes and mortality rates by having paramedics administer the correct treatment in emergency situations. Previously, paramedics were told not to treat AFib in the field, but this study says it is beneficial for patients whose heart rate has been lowered by paramedics.

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    20-year break in college didn’t stop WSU student from becoming a nurse

    Mandy Pellew is a nontraditional student in Weber’s nursing program. After a 20-year hiatus from college when she started a family, she knew it was time to return to school. Pellew earned her associate’s in nursing from Weber State at age 42. She now works in the critical care unit at Ogden Regional Medical Center. Pellew sees many different kinds of patients, including people who have recently undergone surgery, experienced cardiac or breathing issues, or are coming off drugs and alcohol.

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    WSU to host inaugural white coat ceremony for future physician assistants


    Twenty students at Weber State University received traditional white coats during a ceremony in December 2023. The event celebrated the first Physician Assistant cohort as they transitioned from classroom learning to clinical rotations in hospitals throughout Utah and Colorado.

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    Weber State nursing grad reflects on 40+ years in healthcare


    Alan Holt graduated with an associate degree in nursing from Weber State College in 1981. He credits his knowledge from WSU for helping him confidently enter the field. Before retiring, Holt worked as a nurse anesthetist for almost 40 years and participated in several medical humanitarian trips, where he helped patients who didn’t have easy access to healthcare.

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    Respiratory therapy student inspired by mission experiences during pandemic


    Trent Beutler is a student of the respiratory program at Weber State.  He served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints during the peak of COVID-19 and saw firsthand how people from all over the world, including many refugees, struggled with various health issues because hospitals were overwhelmed during the pandemic. Once home from his mission, Beutler explored healthcare programs and ultimately chose Weber State.

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    Aspiring nurse pursues dream in Weber State’s nursing program


    After being certified as a nursing assistant in high school, Jasmine Lagunas knew she wanted to continue her education to become a nurse. She chose Weber State because of its high-excelling nursing program. Lagunas recently passed the National Council Licensure Examination, an exam taken after completing a nursing program to obtain a license to practice. She is now furthering her education and is enrolled in the bachelor's program at WSU.

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    Weber State student survives cancer, completes degree


    When Tess Wunderlich was a student of Weber State University’s medical laboratory sciences program, she learned from an MRI that there was a five-centimeter tumor at the base of her skull. After two surgeries and seven weeks of radiation treatment, Wunderlich’s cancer is gone. Wunderlich earned her bachelor’s degree in April 2023 and is looking forward to her future in medical laboratory sciences. Eventually, she would like to work in pathology to help diagnose other cancer patients so they can recover and pursue their dreams.

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