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The Dumke College of Health Professions

We are healthcare today!

At the Dumke College of Health Professions (DCHP), we know that you are training for a career where your name may not always be remembered but your actions are—and that is what matters! 

With our small class sizes, committed educators and advanced learning opportunities that allow you to apply your skills, we plan on leaving you with actions that you will always remember. Because at DCHP we are Dedicated, Compassionate Healthcare Providers!



great care is in demand. BE BRILLIANT.

Don't worry, we can walk-the-walk too! The programs at the Dumke College of Health Professions serve more than 8,000 students on and off WSU campuses.

Our students are taught by many well-prepared and accomplished faculty, partnering with more than 1,000 clinical faculty at over 1,200 different affiliated hospitals and clinical sites. We are leaders in designing and offering a wide range of professional healthcare programs in remote areas throughout the United States. National recognition has been given to the college for our innovative and high-quality approaches in healthcare education—online, in-state, regionally, nationally and internationally.

History The Dumke College of Health Professions was named after Dr. Dumke, one of the most prominent thyroid surgeons in the country. Dr. Dumke lived in Ogden, UT from 1911 until his death in 1961. He was one of the founding members of the Ogden Surgical Society and was the first chief of staff at both Dee Memorial Hospital and St. Benedict’s Hospital. We are honored to have Dr. Ezekiel R. Dumke’s name associated with our college and we plan to serve our community just as much as he did!

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We are your healthcare partner! We construct a safe place to educate students, foster faculty innovation, support our staff contributions, engage with our community relationships, and cultivate respectful partnerships with our clinical anchors. Together, we save lives! 


& where we are going

The vision of the Dr. Ezekiel R Dumke College of Health Professions is to be the premier healthcare college for students, faculty, staff and our community. Through disruption and curiosity, traditions and innovation, we aim to continually meet the evolving needs of care. We strive for excellence in education for our students, ongoing support for our faculty and staff and the unwavering trust it takes to be a resource for our healthcare partners and partnerships; locally, nationally and internationally. 


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