Courses and Advising

Advising for Zoology Major Declarations, New Majors, & for Interdisciplinary Environmental Science Majors

Contact me if you are thinking of changing your major to Zoology or if you are a new major who would like an introduction to the department or help determining the best course schedule. I am also advisor for Zoology majors interested in careers in fisheries & freshwater biology.  In addition, I am the life-science coadvisor for interdisciplinary Environmental Science.

Principles of Zoology

ZOOL 1110 LS. Principles of Zoology: A science major’s introduction to the study of cell biology, genetics, inheritance, evolution, and ecology. The nature and practice of science is also emphasized and basic skills in data collection, analysis, and presentation are introduced. Three hours of lecture and two hours of lab per week. The year-long major’s introductory sequence is completed with ZOOL 2220.


ZOOL 3470. Zoogeography: Study of factors determining the distributions of animals with emphases on ecological and evolutionary processes occurring across landscapes and around the globe. Three hours of lecture per week.

Aquatic Ecology

ZOOL 4480. Aquatic Ecology: Study of the physical, chemical, and biological interactions of freshwater ecosystems with emphasis on streams. Field trips required. Three hours of lecture and three hours of lab per week.


ZOOL 4650. Ichthyology: Classification, ecology and biology of fishes and emphasis on local freshwater forms. Field trips required. Three lecture hours and one 3-hour lab a week.

Problems in Zoology

ZOOL 4800. Problems in ZoologyZOOL 4800. Problems in Zoology: One to four hours of directed individual research in zoology guided by faculty member. Prerequisites: ZOOL SI1110 and SI1120, and approval of instructor.

Readings in Zoology

ZOOL 4830. Readings in Zoology: One to four hours of directed individual readings in the general area of zoology. Specific topic selected in consultation with faculty member. Prerequisites: ZOOL SI1110 and SI1120, and approval of instructor.


ZOOL 4970. Thesis: An extended, individual research project planned and completed under faculty supervision. Normally, two semesters of research (ZOOL 4800) will precede registration for this course. Culmination is an oral and written report of results obtained, with the final draft of the latter being due two weeks prior to the beginning of final exam week. Prerequisites: thesis committee approved research proposal, advanced class standing, and ZOOL SI1110 and SI1120.


ZOOL 4990. Seminar: Presentations and discussion concerning a specific topic in zoology. One hour a week. Prerequisites: ZOOL SI1110 and SI1120, or approval of instructor. One semester required.