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Sports-Related Traumatic Injury Case Study

One of the most common injuries of the knee is a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Currently, the estimated incidence of ACL injuries is approximately 200,000 each year. Reconstructions of the ACL occur in about half of these cases. High risk sports for an ACL injury include basketball, football, skiing, and soccer. Through this case, we'll look at the process of diagnosing and repairing an ACL tear.

Module 2: ACL Tear

Derrick Williams was living out his dream, playing college football as a receiver. He had just caught...

ACL Tear - Page 1

Testing consisted of an anterior drawer, Lachman, and pivot shift tests...

ACL Tear - Page 2

After evaluating the MRI results, the orthopedic surgeon recommended surgery...

ACL Tear - Page 3

Although Derrick's surgery was a success, he still had a long road of physical therapy in front of him...

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Summary of the Case...

ACL Tear - Summary

Answers to Case Questions

ACL Tear - Answers

Health Professionals Introduced in Case

ACL Tear - Professionals

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