Who We Are

Campus Climate Team

The Campus Climate Team is led by the vice president of Student Access & Success (or designee) and made up of members with knowledge of campus issues, audiences, programs, resources and communication tools. The team’s goal is to offer support and resources to individuals who have been affected by campus climate incidents. 

What is a campus climate incident?

A campus climate incident is any experience related to Weber State that has an impact on a university member’s sense of belonging, support or inclusion. These incidents can be negative or positive: something an individual finds concerning that makes the university feel less welcoming, or something an individual finds helpful that makes the university feel more inclusive. 

How can the CCT help?

The CCT is designed to support university members by providing communication about incidents and connecting individuals with WSU resources. The CCT reviews and assesses incidents to determine if there are systemic concerns that can be addressed more broadly, in proactive ways, such as policy changes or training. The CCT also reviews incidents that make people feel more included, and provides recommendations on how to increase and perpetuate those activities. Support is provided privately and without referral to other offices unless otherwise required by policy or law. Response to a campus climate incident is not intended to prohibit or discourage the free exchange of ideas in the campus community or otherwise prohibit protected speech.

More Info: Freedom of Speech at WSU

Is the CCT a disciplinary or investigative body?

The CCT is not an investigative or disciplinary body. Rather, the focus of the CCT is to provide communication, resources and support for individuals who have been affected by campus climate incidents. In supporting individuals, the CCT may discuss or provide resources on how to file a concern with an appropriate university office, but it is not the role of the CCT to determine whether an incident involved is a violation of university policy. If a reporter feels that university policy has been violated, they may utilize appropriate review processes through Human Resources or the Dean of Students.

If someone is in danger or there is a crime, please report it to Weber State police immediately (911 or 801-626-6460). If this incident is related to discrimination or harassment, contact the Office of Equal Opportunity (801-626-7537).