Tabling in Shepherd Union

Date: Feb. 13, 2024

What happened: A student group hosted a table in the Shepherd Union atrium where passersby were invited to write statements expressing their views. Individuals wrote a variety of statements, including some that were considered to be offensive, along with many kind and encouraging messages.

Weber State’s response: As an institution, we are working to increase awareness of free speech principles and ideals through our university website, training for faculty and staff (147-15 First Amendment & Free Speech in a University Setting in Training Tracker), revising student orientation to include topics of free speech, and a free speech awareness campaign with signage designating areas in and around the Shepherd Union that are commonly used for expressive activity. The freedom of speech website is a great resource to learn more about speech on our campuses.

We understand how words and actions can powerfully affect individuals and communities. We encourage our campus to utilize the help available to students, faculty and staff listed on the Support & Resources page.