Reactions to Dylan Mulvaney event

Date: Jan. 17, 2024

What happened: The Weber State University Student Association (WSUSA) hosted Dylan Mulvaney, a social media personality who is transgender, for a Q&A event in Shepherd Union. The event sparked several reactions among the campus community.

Some students exercised their right to express opposition to Mulvaney’s visit by holding handwritten posters and interacting with some guests coming in and out of the ballroom. Others supported Mulvaney’s visit and expressed concern regarding the content of the posters, which some viewed as harmful to the transgender community. Several discussions among guests took place before and after the event.

Students who expressed opposition to the guest speaker followed the appropriate procedures to reserve space in Shepherd Union and complied with university guidance regarding planned demonstrations.

Weber State’s response: The university promotes a wide variety of speakers on campus in hopes that guests will learn and engage. Weber State also supports each person’s right to share their opinions and ideas, and strives to create an environment where students can freely discuss all topics. We encourage our WSU community to review the rights and responsibilities of free speech, and to engage respectfully with everyone on campus.

We understand how words and actions can powerfully affect individuals and communities. We encourage our campus to utilize the help available to students, faculty and staff listed on the Support & Resources page.