Browning Center restroom vandalism

Date: Feb. 21, 2024

What happened: Students and staff in the Val A. Browning Center reported that restrooms on the first and third floors had been vandalized with hateful messages related to both religion and sexuality scratched into the stall dividers.

Weber State’s response: Weber State police were notified and opened a vandalism case. Facilities Management removed the graffiti.

Anyone with information on this incident is encouraged to contact the Weber State police at 801-626-6460.

Restroom graffiti is considered vandalism, which is a crime. Unfortunately, while against the law, restroom graffiti is a common occurrence on campus and in the broader community. While we will not provide updates each time restroom graffiti is found, the university wants to be notified. If you see vandalism, please notify Weber State police via phone or email so a report can be filed and the graffiti removed.

We understand how words and actions can powerfully affect individuals and communities. We encourage our campus to utilize the help available to students, faculty and staff listed on the Support & Resources page.