Browning Presents! 2023-2024 Season

Gabby Rivera: Author of Juliet Takes a Breath and the Marvel comic America, Gabby Rivera is the first Latina to write for Marvel Comics and host of the podcast Joy Revolution. Rivera's talk focused on prioritizing joy, along with her experience of being an LGBTQ+ woman of color. 

Jason De León: Anthropologist and MacArthur Fellow, Jason de León discussed his work in the Sonoran Desert on the human toll of undocumented migration. He combines archeological and ethnographic methods to document life on the migrant trail, collecting artifacts left behind by migrants trying to gain entry to the United States.

Indigenous Soundscapes in Motion: A celebration of Indigenous culture and heritage in poetry, music and dance, Indigenous Soundscapes brought together world-renowned musicians, dancers and poets. The event featured Grammy-nominated singer Radmilla Cody; Shoshone-Navajo-Okanogan flutist Hovia Edwards, who performed at the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympics opening ceremony; Menominee and Oneida singer and Native American Music Awards Best Male Artist, Wayne Silas Jr.; and powwow dancers from the dance company Indigenous Enterprise who performed on World of Dance and the virtual presidential inauguration parade. They were joined by Rolando Morales-Matos, a jazz, Latin and classical percussionist and assistant conductor of Broadway’s The Lion King, and Udi Bar-David, one of the world’s most versatile cellists and member of the Philadelphia Orchestra.