Statement of Expectations of Students

Attendance- In signing up for this class you have made a contract with the instructor. The instructor agrees to be present at scheduled class times and so do you. That means you are expected to be in class every day, not be tardy, and not leave early. Absences are excused for academic cause. If you have to leave early, inform the instructor and sit where you can exit easily without disturbing others in the class. If for any reason you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain and learn the material you missed.

Time spent on coursework- You are expected to spend 2-3 hours per credit per week outside of class time studying for this course. For example, in a 5 credit class you are expected to devote 10-15 hours per week OUTSIDE of classroom time to studying for ONE course. If you are working too many hours to devote the necessary time to your studies then you need to make choices and adjust your schedule accordingly. Students are expected to make full use of the assigned text and related course materials.

Assignments and Exams- Homework assignments are due on the date and time specified by your instructor. Exams are given on the date and time specified by your instructor. Exceptions to assignment and exam dates must be cleared with your instructor before the due date.

Academic Dishonesty- Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated by the Department of Botany. If you are caught cheating in this class, you will be subject to academic discipline including the imposition of University sanctions. A description of cheating and possible sanctions may be found in the Student Code.

Grading- The Botany Department does not participate in grade inflation. In accordance with University policy an "A" grade is given only for excellent work, a "B" grade only for good work, a "C" grade is given for standard work, a "D" grade is given for substandard work and is a passing grade, and an "E" grade is failure. A "UW" grade will be given for excessive absences, failure to turn in assignments, or missed exams. An "I" may be earned if a student is unable to complete the course for cause and only if the student has successfully completed 80% of the course.

Classroom Ethics- You are expected to exhibit proper classroom behavior as outlined in the Student Code. In short you are expected to demonstrate respect for whomever is speaking by listening and to not cause a disturbance by making excessive noise during class time. Noise from pagers and phones creates a disturbance in the classroom. If you feel you must bring these devices to class, make sure they do not make noise during class and do not answer them in class.

Traits of Good Students- Good students are expected to show evidence of curiosity in the subject and in the world around them, are self-motivated, enthusiastic about the discovery/learning process, and are interested in obtaining the skills necessary for future self-directed inquiry. If you wish to learn only what you "NEED TO KNOW" to pass the course, then you ought not be at the University.