Botany Courses

The Botany Department offers courses that meet degree requirements of the programs of study offered through the department as well as courses that satisfy the Life Science (LS), Scientific Inquiry (SI), and Diversity (DV) general education requirements of WSU.  All students who are exposed to Botany courses (majors, minors, support, and General Education students) should understand and appreciate, in addition to the core knowledge of Plant Biology, the nature of science, how science is applied to everyday problems, and significant botanical achievements.  In addition, all students who take Botany courses are expected to meet the department's Expectations of Students.

Individual courses within the Botany offerings meet certain criteria in the department's assessment plan.  This is especially true of courses taken for the major and minor/BIS.  A full description of the learning outcomes listed in the assessment plan can be accessed here.  Please refer to the assessment curriculum grid to see which outcomes a particular Botany course addresses.

Special courses offered under the Botany 2920, 4750, and 4920 designations are offered occasionally.  Courses offered under these numbers in the past have included Utah Pioneer Medicines, Plant Biochemistry, and Medicinal Plants. 

Botany Course Descriptions from the current WSU Catalog

Department Course List, with links to instructor websites or syllabi