Ask Waldo

Meet Waldo, WSU’s new chat and text bot!

Ask Waldo is an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that can help students answer their questions about WSU. Whether it's about financial aid, enrollment or even parking, you can ask Waldo your question and receive a reply. All you have to do is click on the purple Ask Waldo icon on the bottom right-hand corner of this page.

If Waldo doesn’t know the answer, he can forward your question to the appropriate department if you use the command #followup. Waldo speaks English, Spanish, Chinese and several other languages, so type your question in whatever language you speak and Waldo will reply.

Don’t be the last to know, make sure you're getting texts from Ask Waldo!

If you're not already getting them, email with your phone number. You'll receive texts about important deadlines, class waitlists, tips for success and so much more. You can also reply with your own questions and comments so Waldo can help you achieve academic success.

  • Ask Waldo will send an average of one to two text messages a week.
  • Students can pause text messages from Waldo for two weeks by responding with #PAUSE. A student can opt out of Ask Waldo messaging completely by responding with STOP or CANCEL.
  • Feeling a little out of the loop? Opt back in by replying #START to the last message you received. If you've deleted that message, send us an email at and we will get you back on the list.
  • Keep your contact info updated in your eWeber portal so Waldo can get in touch. Update your phone number by going to Profile Settings in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Opted Out? 

Email Us to Sign Back Up!