New Adjunct Faculty Resources

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is both a resource and champion for faculty growth and development, whether within the realm of teaching and learning, scholarship, service. CETL attends to the whole personhood of a faculty member, working in partnership to help each person become their best academic selves.

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning welcomes you to Weber State University. We are a university that prioritizes teaching excellence and student success, and we take great pride in our personalized attention to our students. Our faculty are invested in meeting our students where they are, and guiding them to realizing their dreams and goals. 

The Adjunct Faculty Experience is designed to emphasize the critical areas of teaching, scholarship and mentorship. It will comprise sessions on course design, teaching strategies, student support,  engaged scholarship, and more to help you cultivate your passions as part of our vibrant teaching community.  



We will soon have a Canvas Course to house all of the following sessions, help you connect with fellow adjunct faculty members, and find out about upcoming events for adjunct faculty. Following these sessions, there will be two Adjunct Retreats, one in the fall semester, and one in the spring semester. Check back here for more information.


First Steps



Faculty and Student Resources Asynchronous/Canvas
Connecting through Canvas Asynchronous/Canvas
Syllabus Design Asynchronous/Canvas
Working through the Semester Asynchronous/Canvas
Employment Sessions (Via Training Tracker)  

Information Security Awareness


Asynchronous through Bridge

Sign up via Training Tracker

Ethics, Integrity, Fairness


February 22, 2pm

March 11, 10am

April 8, 9am

May 21, 2pm

June 11, 10am/

Training Tracker

Mandatory OEO Title IX


February 22, 9:30am

March 18, 8am

April 18, 9am

May 13, 11am

June 17, 11am/

Training Tracker

University Governance and Employee Rights


February 8, 1pm

March 12, 1pm

April 9, 10am

May 9, 1pm

June 11, 10am/

Training Tracker

Building a Safe Campus Through Trust and Education


January 26, 1pm

February 5, 11am

February 21, 11am/ 

Training Tracker




Training Tracker

Abusive Conduct & Respectful Work Conditions