Year 1


Year 1 Report

NWCCU Response to Year 1 Report

Mid-Cycle Accreditation: Core Themes, Objectives, Indicators, and Thresholds


  • Weber State has programs that address the needs of the community 
  • Weber State serves cohorts of interest in the community


  • Students who enroll are retained
  • Students participate in engaged-learning experiences
  • Students achieve general education learning outcomes
  • Students achieve program learning outcomes
  • Lower-division students achieve success
  • Students’ progress in their programs of study


  • Weber State University contributes to the K-12 education in the community
  • The community participates in a wide array of WSU sponsored cultural programs
  • Students engage with the community and become productive members of society
  • Faculty contribute to their professions 
  • Faculty, staff, and students support the community through service and outreach efforts
  • Weber State contributes to the economic development of the region

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