2014 NWCCU Accreditation Process Status

The NWCCU accreditation process is completed over a seven year cycle. Generally, reports are filed at year one, year three, year five, and year seven. This initial seven year cycle, however, was shortened and as a result the interim reports were submitted as follows:

Year one: filed September, 2011
Year three: filed September, 2012
Year five: not required
Year seven: file September, 2014

The Year Seven, on-site evaluation will be conducted October 27 - 29, 2014.

NWCCU Standard One 


As part of the accreditation process, in 2011 the Weber State mission statement was modified and deconstructed into three "Core Themes:" ACCESS - LEARNING - COMMUNITY, which define the heart of the university's purpose and self-imposed standards for mission fulfillment and accreditation. The mission and core themes clearly articulate the purpose of Weber State and are described in the  University Planning website.


In 2011, the University Planning Council crafted objectives, indicators of achievement, and acceptable performance levels for each of the mission core themes. The assessment system, including achievement indicators, can be found in the assessment section of the university planning website. The concepts are firm and were filed as the year one report in September, 2011. 

The metrics, including acceptable achievement thresholds, were endorsed by the Planning Council March, 2012 and are reflected in the assessment section of the university planning website

NWCCU Standard Three


In 2011, the University Planning Council adopted the Weber State Comprehensive Planning Process to comply with NWCCU standards. The process is being implemented by the university divisions 2011-2012 and a milestone accomplishment are Division Plans that reflect division priority objectives, strategies, initiatives and success measures articulated with the mission core themes. 

The Division Plans will be updated annually and vetted by University Planning Council.



Reference documents

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WSU Year Seven Report filed September, 2014 - Final Report

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NWCCU review team response to WSU Year One Report - WSU Yr 1 Evaluation Report.pdf

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New NWCCU accreditation standards (2011) - 2011 Standards_for_Accreditation 3-29.PDF