Campus Publications

There are varied opportunities at Weber State University to publish student work. Here is a brief list.
Metaphor is an annual interdisciplinary journal created entirely by undergraduate students which publishes art, fiction, non-fiction, and academic papers, poetry, music, dance, theater, and other artistic media. The staff are volunteers, the published submissions are original, and the journal is paid for by student fees. Metaphor is distributed not only to the student body but also to alumni, community members, and participants of the National Undergraduate Literature Conference.
ERGO is Weber State University's Undergraduate Research Journal. While much of scholarly publishing is undertaken by graduate students and professionals, ERGO provides a unique opportunity for undergraduates to jumpstart their careers, graduate studies, or both by experiencing this process early. ERGO accepts submissions from all disciplines at WSU, including community engaged learning submissions.
Verbal Equinox is an annual journal published by the Weber State University Writing Center. It is managed and edited by Writing Center staff and features writing from students, tutors, and faculty.
Epiphany is a bi-annual nontraditional student literary journal to showcase and further encourage the creative talents of nontraditional students of Weber State University.
Each year, nearly 200 undergraduate writers and poets throughout North America, and sometimes beyond, come to Weber State University to present their work and learn from some of the most important writers in contemporary literature. Selections from among the presented works are published each year in our undergraduate literature journal, Metaphor.
Sigma Tau Delta, an International English Honor Society, was founded in 1924 at Dakota Wesleyan University. Members may submit papers for presentation at the national convention. Writing awards and publishing opportunities are also available.
English Department Writing Contest
The English Department gives awards to student writing of all departments.