Weber State opens MARS Center at Hill Air Force Base

OGDEN, Utah – Weber State University is opening the Miller Advanced Research and Solutions Center thanks to a generous donation of $3.5 million from the Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation.

Located at the Falcon Hill Aerospace Research Park near Hill Air Force Base, the MARS Center will create opportunities for WSU students and faculty to research and apply innovative solutions to real-world problems in the realm of national defense.

“With the opening of the MARS Center, we’re bringing the university to the forefront of our aerospace ecosystem in northern Utah,” said Brad Mortensen, WSU president. “Thanks to a substantial gift from the Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation, this center has the potential to transform our economy and set us up for success in the future.”

The facility will bring students, faculty, university partners and the community together. 

“This center will give our students and faculty the opportunity to work alongside the Department of Defense, Department of Energy and other industry partners to find high-tech solutions to some of the toughest challenges our government is facing,” Mortensen said. 

Dan Hemmert, executive director of Go Utah, said he believes the work happening at the MARS Center will help boost Utah’s economic growth. 

“Go Utah looks forward to the opening of the MARS Center and the many significant contributions it will make to Utah’s robust economy,” Hemmert said. “We are proud of the many advances the state continues to make in the aerospace and defense industry, especially that which is taking place in northern Utah.”

With this donation, WSU will provide hands-on learning experiences and prepare students for careers in advanced manufacturing in the aerospace and defense field.

“Our family continually works to increase access to education and endeavors to support programs that enrich the lives of students as well as build stronger communities,” said Gail Miller, chair of the Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation. “This center and its programs will play an important role in protecting our nation’s freedoms, creating a better world for future generations and inspiring students to solve real-world problems.”


Weber State University Marketing & Communications 


Bryan Magaña, public relations director