Statement: Transforming to a Better Place

Dear Weber State Family,

At Weber State University, we stand with peaceful protesters in Ogden and across the globe and call for change: an end to racism, an end to oppression and intolerance, an end to violence. I call upon all members of our campus community to join me in pursuing a calm, respectful, yet urgent path.   

The tragic death of George Floyd ignited anger, outrage and fear. The resulting tensions, protests, and riots expedite our need to do more and be better about erasing the inequities in our society — not just in this moment but in all moments. That means working on ourselves and our communities.

At Weber State we are committed to this work. We will continue town hall conversations about race with community partners.

We will continue Eddie’s Barbeque, held annually since 2016 to strengthen relationships between law enforcement and our diverse communities.

We will continue our support of the Ogden Diversity Commission in its effort to build collaborative connections.

We will continue to promote civic engagement and dialogue among all of our students, faculty, and staff and across our curriculums and campuses.

We will continue to welcome all and provide supportive pathways to social mobility.

We will continue to be a resource for any individual impacted by the racist and intolerant behavior of others.

And, most importantly, we will continue to look for meaningful ways to improve and move change forward.

Weber State’s Diversity Office is collecting resources to share with the campus and community. Watch for information online town hall discussions, and if you have questions or need support contact WSU’s Assistant Vice President for Diversity, Adrienne Andrews

I encourage us all to begin by self-reflecting, reading and participating in thoughtful dialogues to examine our own attitudes and actions. Then, let us build within our communities the example through which our society can eliminate the larger systemic and institutionalized problems around race and identity.

At Weber State, we continue to seek and support transformation to a better place for all.


Brad Mortensen

President, Weber State University


Brad Mortensen, Weber State University president
801-626-6000 • Office of the President


Adrienne Andrews, Assistant Vice President for Diversity
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