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As both the overall WSU and Student Affairs mission statement indicate the desire to offer excellent educational experiences for students attending WSU, the student affairs assessment and research department seeks to create an environment that supports the evaluation and enhancement of student learning and development within the Student Affairs Division. Thus, the student affairs assessment and research department seeks to foster a collaborative and continuous approach to the assessment of student learning and development.

Mission Statement

The Weber State University Research and Assessment Department promotes the development and implementation of high quality assessment practices for the Division of Student Affairs. The department offers assessment support to all units within the division. Through education, consulting, and leadership, the department serves to encourage data based decision making aimed at assessing student learning and success and enhancing the overall quality of programs and services offered.

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Savanna Grotz

Fun Survey Results from WSU Student Surveys

  • 91.8% of WSU students surveyed own a smart phone or tablet.

  • 89.8% of students surveyed believe WSU is diverse.

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