Program Review

The purpose of a program review process within Student Affairs at Weber State University is to provide a comprehensive evaluation of departments within our division on a five-year cycle. Program review is a reflective process that allows for an introspective look at our structure and services and allows us to see areas that we are doing well in and areas that we can improve upon. Program review also serves to assist in strategic planning and goal setting.

Goals of Program Review

  1. To ensure that each unit is providing high-quality, effective programs and Services.

  2. To continually strive to improve WSU Student Affairs programs and Services.

  3. To demonstrate our alignment with the division and university mission statements through an evidence-based process.

  4. To create action plans and identify important initiatives to be used in strategic planning for the Student Affairs Division and departments within the division.

  5. To increase knowledge and understanding of the division as a whole within Student Affairs and across the university.

WSU Student Affairs is just beginning the program review process within Student Affairs. One department is currently piloting the process.

  • Program Review Timeline (Cycle Three) PDF