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Studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Weber State

Weber State’s Philosophy, Politics and Economics designer BIS degree brings together three complementary analytical frameworks which combine to train civil servants and business leaders who deeply understand the interconnections between ethics, economics, and policy. This program is also designed to prepare graduates for the M.A. program in public policy at the University of Utah.

Philosophy, Politics and Economics Highlights

Modern social and political challenges, such as climate change, immigration, and global pandemics, demand interdisciplinary solutions, like this program, which combines an understanding of economic reality with political will and ethical thinking. Take coursework in each of the three areas, culminating with a capstone project.

Beyond the Classroom

All majors are encouraged to apply for internships to get practical experience in politics, whether in local offices, the Utah State Legislature, or in Congressional offices in Washington DC. The Olene S. Walker Institute of Politics & Public Service helps with the coordination and placement of interns.

What You’ll LEARN at Weber

Philosophy and Political Science each have one track which all students complete. Economics has two tracks between which all students choose. The Money and Banking track requires ECON 3200 and any two upper division Economics courses, plus the core courses. The Intermediate Macroeconomics track requires MATH 1200/QUAN 2400, ECON 4020, and any one upper division economics class, plus the core courses.

What You CAN DO After Weber

Philosophy, Politics and Economics BIS majors are well-prepared for many careers in government, non-profits, business, and anywhere where a balanced understanding of economic, political, and ethical issues is desired. You can also often pursue law degrees, or graduate studies.

If you have questions, contact a WSU Career Advisor.