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Tori Bird

Conservation Action Coordinator, Utah’s Hogle Zoo

Thursday, March 23 at 10:00 a.m.Conservation & Restoration of an Urban River: Engaging Community

Tori Bird grew up among the mountains and deserts of Utah. Through exploration in her youth, she gained a passion for the land and animals around her. During her time at the University of Utah that passion grew to encompass conservation worldwide. She received her bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Organismal Biology from that university in 2018. After years of volunteering at Hogle Zoo she was able to get an internship surveying boreal toads throughout the state during the summer of 2018. After that internship she was able to secure full-time employment at the Zoo as their Conservation Action Coordinator. This position has allowed her to use her knowledge of the state and wider conservation to engage guests on and off Zoo grounds in conservation action for the last two years. She looks forward to many more years spent creating champions for wildlife.