Pell Grants: Dropping Classes

Pell Grant funds adjust according to your enrollment level. As a result, when you drop a class, the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office is required to reduce the amount of Pell Grant to match your new enrollment level.

Exception: If you drop a class after the 100% refund period, and you have proof that you participated in your class before you dropped it, you may keep the Pell Grant funds you received for that class.

Proof of Participation

Your proof of participation must be submitted to the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office no later than five business days after dropping your course.

Proof of participation can be a:

  • Graded test, quiz or assignment with your name and the course identifier on it, or
  • If your grades are on Canvas please email our office at

Please note: If a minimum of 67% of your semester's credits and overall attempted credits are not completed, your eligibility for future financial aid will be affected.

This exception does not apply if you are completely withdrawing from school. If you completely withdraw from school, no proof of participation will be accepted by the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office, and you may be required to return a portion of your award, whether or not you attended the class.